A peek at Chic: Kate O'Dowd

A few years ago, I shared some posts with women that I admired in the creative community.  When I was just finding my feet, they were warm, welcoming and during a time of being completely unsure of which way the road would lead, they inspired me with their bravery, intellect and kindness into the wonderful world of 'why not?'   

Keen to start this series up again with a reminder of one of the best.  (Originally posted way back when in 2015.)


Tracing back to our first meeting in a wedding photography workshop then creating images and working for her in the first issue of BASH, and then on to IMAGE brides - she is a sheer delight.  

Editor extraordinaire, [now part of the magnificent duo of love & events], loving mummy of two, beautiful wife and just a genuinely good person- I tend to liken her to an Irish Jenna Lyons but she is most definitely her own unique brand of Kate O' Dowd.  

The inspiration central of all things effortlessly chic.


One thing that people would be surprised to know/find out about you.
I peruse the ALDI Specialbuys brochure every week and get excited if they have microfibre cleaning cloths in ice-cream shades.

Had you ever taken any career test, life advice that told you what you were 'supposed' to be i.e. a vet, a lawyer, a palaeontologist? 
In fifth year, I had a lovely English teacher who told me that I should be a journalist, so I was like "OK". Impressionable youth. I imagined a life like Carrie Bradshaw's.


Best thing about writing?
You can pretend to be much cooler/ cleverer/ chicer than you are in real life. Also, when you trim away the external forces like deadlines, objectives and egos, you're really just telling stories, which to me is the loveliest, most therapeutic way to spend your time - and that's my job! I know I'm very lucky that I get to work at something that feels so natural.


Best romance movie. Best style in a movie.  Best thinker movie.
Best Romance = Betty Blue.
Best Style = Betty Blue (Beatrice Dalle was just so hot and cool)
Best Thinker = Weekend, which is a romance, too, but really gets you thinking about love and what it means to different people. Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic.

Best thing about your day-to-day that people would be surprised to know.
I have quite a lot of Best Things, but none of them are very glam. When Teddy wakes up and clings to me and I feel instantly important. When Ive dropped Teddy to creche (phew) and am no longer being clung to. When I finish a feature that I'm proud of or get shoot images that are better than I imagined. The little walk home with Teddy, when he tells me about his morning. When I get a surprise (one of seven lego flowers I'm gifted with on a daily basis) or an unprovoked I love you, while we're walking to the playground. When The Dreamboat Dadda gets home and takes over both child and Mamma-minding. Ice-cream.


Skin and beauty advice that you wished you knew way back when.  
That the condition of your skin is the best indicator you have for the condition of your insides. If there's something unsightly going down on your face, don't just erase it; try to figure out where it's coming from. Otherwise, not only are you dissing the genius of your body's communication system, you're probably not going to find a permanent solution, anyway.


Best advice you've ever been given?
That there's beauty in imperfection (Leonard Cohen gave me that advice). I've always been acutely aware of my own faults, but only as I've gotten older have I grown to accept them - tried to change what would make my life, or those in my life, happier - but, mainly, it's just clicked with me that "nobody's perfect" isn't a cop-out; it's a not-at-all-depressing fact. I've also learned to own what's good about myself and because I recognise there's a lot more good than bad, I'm a pretty happy person, compared to the wild me of my twenties.

Girl crush central.  A big squeeze and thank you for letting me share it here!