The art of saying thank you

Coming across old letters, notes and hand-written postcards this afternoon makes me feel nostalgic for the practice of it-- where it is no longer deemed an 'art' like it is now but simply a kind gesture, a routine that we've fallen out of practice from due to the convenience of a quick e-mail or text.  

The internet is a great store-keeper of endearing correspondence that remind me that words and letters can be both incredibly inspiring and terribly charming.  

For example, this response from Roald Dahl to a 7-year old girl named Amy who gifted him with a bottle of dreams (a combination of oil, glitter and coloured water) : 



Or this one from Marilyn Monroe:


If you're in the mood, Letters of Note is a lovely little rabbit hole to fall down of fascinating correspondence from some of the greats.  With all that's been happening, wouldn't it be lovely to send someone a little note of love or gratitude? 

P.S. To help, Victoria wrote a gorgeously simple guide on a faster, fool-proof thank you note.  

See it beautifully explained here