Mid-Week Goodies

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Peruse : English Factory is a new to me brand , but I'm loving the simple modern classic twist.  And right now, Shopbop is having a sale on a few of their select goodies. 


Watch : I've been down a spree of watching super intense or otherwise heavy sort of dramas as of late. But Younger (you can stream it with a VPN) is the BIGGEST breath of fresh air.  The gist? Forty-year-old Liza passes herself off as 26 to land a job -- and now, she has to make sure no one discovers her secret.  A strong 7.8 on IMDb.  Meet your newest guilty pleasure friends. 


Inspire : Jamie Beck! This woman! Living in Provence, unbelievably open about her process (her instagram stories are a treasure trove for the aspiring photographer!) and just an incredibly inspiring artist.  I love how she sees and captures her world.  

A good giggle : Happened across this little gem and made me laugh out loud.  Love all of the being that is Chris O'Dowd.

Hope you're having a lovely week so far! x

'Highlight the Remarkable' Campaign

Seen via some of my favourite web pages and absolutely cannot help but share.  Stabilo, the world’s largest manufacturer of highlighter pens literally highlights the women who played important roles in history and yet, stayed relatively invisible.  

The campaign changes that with a simple dash of yellow and has garnered incredible attention for all the right reasons. A massive brava!